Welcome to 123Translations.  

Are you looking for a truly specialised translator? Then you have come to the right place!

I was born and raised in London, England, studied chemistry and safety & technology at the Haagse Hogeschool Afdeling Techniek in The Hague, Holland, and have lived in the United States and Venezuela. In Venezuela, I ran a language school for 15 years, after which I rolled into the world of translations.

Thanks to my background, I am familiar with American as well as British linguistic usage.

After my first year as a full time translator, in which I was offered a great variety of translation projects, I concluded that a translator must specialise in order to really deliver quality work. A good translation requires a thorough knowledge of the subject and the target group, both in the source language and the target language. That is why I decided to work  solely in fields I already have experience in and that are of my interest. I do not accept jobs that are outside my fields of expertise, so the quality of your translation is guaranteed. For the type of translations I offer, please check below under "Fields of expertise".

I have been a full-time translator since 2003.

Fields of expertise:

123 Translations offers Dutch to English and Flemish to English translations in the following fields of expertise:  

- Safety (chemical safety, safety on the work floor, fire safety, etc.)

- Environmental (all translations related to the environment)

- Energy (all translations related to the generation, distribution, etc. of energy)

- Technical (automotive, manuals, engineering, etc.)

- IT (all IT-related translations)

- Legal (tenders, contracts, etc.)

- Management (management-related translations)

- General (translations based on general knowledge)